Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quilled Thank You Cards (2 of 8)

Here’s my 2nd thank you card made from leftover quilled items from the project-yet-to-be-named. Ever feel that zipped mouth feeling playing Taboo when you can’t say the actual words?

I’d like to thank my hubby for driving me to 3 different store chains, 4 separate nights, to pick up 23 shades/sizes of paper for this 1 project…and for listening to countless hours of debates on color usage, composition, drawing style and my self doubts of ability to do this in general.

A sneak peak can be seen in today’s SingTao & MingPao in Vancouver and Toronto. They’re Chinese newspapers, so that should give you a hint which direction I’m going in!


  1. so simple but so beautiful I love your work!
    I have a question do you have a pattern of dragonfly I think it's so beautiful
    I do my mail upon
    I like to hear from you
    greetings Baukje

    1. Hi Baukje,

      Thanks for being such an awesome fan - you totally made me smile today. I don't have a pattern for the dragonfly YET, but I'm happy you're a follower because I will have many patterns a year from now. I'm sorry I can't explain in more detail and I hope you'll keep having patience with me. Thank you!


  2. Lovely! simple yet beautiful card!!

  3. So beautiful Cecelia! I've been a rather silent (but nevertheless) admirer of your work! I specially love the simple flower here. So perfectly done! :) BTW, I found a pilferer posting your Mickey + fireworks project in her FB page. She's deleted it for now but I recommend that you water mark your work dear. It hurts me to see the credit for your beautiful work being taken by talentless thieves....

    1. Hello Pritesh, thank you for putting such a big smile on my face today.

      Another reader notified me of it yesterday and I sent them an email, and their response was horrible. I did have my name on the photos, but they cropped them out. You're right, I'll spread my name across the entire image next time.

      I am a very lucky person to have so many wonderful readers recognize and protect my work - thank you SO much!

  4. very easy on the eyes, love it !!!!