Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quilled Thank You Cards (1 of 8)

I hope everyone’s new year has had an auspicious start. I’ve been sitting on some wonderful news since mid-December that I’m still not allowed to share for yet another month. So until then I’m just going to leak out a few items so I don’t burst. These are quilled items I couldn’t use in the final design, so made them into Thank You cards. I’ll be posting more in the month to come, until I can finally reveal the full design.

I’d like to thank my hubby for letting me peruse the aisles of Daiso, an Asian version of a dollar store, for an hour and a half. His patience has no bounds – even though I test those bounds often. Anyway, here’s a little gem I found that was perfect for my cards to make a floating message. Pre-cut foam squares (336 small and 84 large) for just $2.


  1. So pretty and the flower looks as happy as you sound! Like it's waving its arms in the air in celebration (all three of 'em :)) Foam dots are a great invention.

  2. LOve it! so clean, simple and neat one!!!

  3. thanks so much Ann, Sathya, and Chillin with Quillin!