Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quilled Thank You Cards (3 of 8)

This is obviously a variation of Card 1. The deeper colors were the client's first choice, but we had to swap it out because it took away from the main piece. It was also too large compared to the overall design. Sometimes with quilling, I can't tell until it's all done.

I'm very thankful my hubby cooks (so much better than I can), and didn't mind taking on all our meals, prepping, and clean up so I could focus solely on this project.


  1. lovely card and beautiful colors!!!
    Had to share with my Hubby that hes not the only one who cooks so his wife can quill,lol. He's been cooking for 3 years now and enjoys it so why not let him and I do alot of quilling !!!
    have a great week !

    1. Thanks so much Paula! LOL yup, they're keepers for sure, and yes, somehow he's more efficient when I'm not in his way. Happy quilling to you!

  2. Gorgeous cards! Absolutely gorgeous!