Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogged by Nancy of My Legacy

This is the heady stuff authors must feel when readers tell them the impact of their words. My recent Etsy sale to Nancy resulted in a flying ping pong email match of quilling discussion. I am humbled by Nancy's array of skills and her enthusiasm for learning reminds me of what it should always be like - itching to play.

Just look at what she's made in such a short time. I love her side view of a flower in the letter N and the way a flower is dangling downwards in the letter E.


To see her first flowers, click here. Then check the rest of her site for other handmade projects!


  1. Nancy amazing I love your work great!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. Nancy's blog is acting strangely! But I will try to view them again later!

  3. Hi Kathy, I had the same problem. I had to view using Safari rather than Firefox.

  4. Oh! Thanks for the insight! Yes, I used IE and it worked but still wouldn't let me comment. Love your flowers Nancy! And your kit also!

  5. Nancy here! Hi ALL!... Thanks Cecelia and Baukje! Kathy, I'm sorry you are having trouble ??? hope you make it there ok!

    What Cecelia failed to mention, is that the above picture is all the parts before they are glued down and coaxed into shape! I just wanted to take a quick picture to show what I had done on Sunday...I don't know yet what they will be "when they grow up" I like to "see if I can" then worry later with what to do with my test results.

    Oh and, I bought her instructions on Friday...made the three little tags, then the "Chosen" was my next quill project on Sunday....soooooo, I have a LONG way to go before I get as "clean" as Cecelia, but one day....unless something else strikes my fancy before!... But this really is a good TV watching, hands busy, kind of craft so who knows... :-)

    Please do, come by and see my other "I wonder, can I" projects! My whole blog is pretty much me showing you what I learn daily and and if I learn it from somewhere else I tell where you can go to learn too.

    Thanks again Cecelia! (I got kinda wordy again, sorry!)