Friday, August 20, 2010

Quilled Dragonfly

I’ve imagined this dragonfly for a quite some time, but only now have I been able to make it happen. I first used the usual pre-cut quilling strips but struggled with the long flowing arcs. After I found thicker paper and cut my own, the paper was finally tamed. Although I struggled (with my hands and personality) to make both sides even and match, it’s a pleasing feeling to make something symmetrical. The thicker paper from Daiso was also heavier so my wings are not as high as usual, so I’ll be hunting for something in between the two. I love the way light catches and casts the strips from the opposite side.


  1. That is beautiful! I found your blog from the Silhouette Flickr site.

  2. So So'BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Groetjes Baukje