Sunday, April 28, 2013

Die Punched Leaves and Daiso Paper

Someone recently asked how I made the leaves for my 3D Daisy Cake. I punched paper with this flower punch, then snipped out 5 petals. Then I used my quilling needle to score a line in the middle and gently folded it in half before gluing under the daisies.

The paper I used comes from Daiso. Shades of red, orange, and yellow are sold in a pack called "Warm", while blue, green, and lilac are "Cool". This is a 5x7 inch size and several sheets of each color is included. Larger sizes are also available for the same amazingly affordable price of $2, but you get less sheets of each color. The weight is not too light, not too heavy - just fantastic for my accenting paper crafts. The color is carried out through the entire sheet,  not just printed on the surface, so you don't get a incongruent core of white, especially if you plan to make your own flocking.


  1. We have Daiso shops here in Romania, too, but I haven't seen any colored paper so far. All their products are so cheap, I usually buy simple objects and decorate them with quilled elements.

    Thank you for sharing, Cecelia! Reminds me I have to pay them a visit and see what's new! :)

    Happy Quilling!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Manuela! That's great you have a Daiso too - I can spend hours there. I didn't know they had paper either but it was near their origami and paint section. I really enjoy their paint as well, especially the pearlescent shimmer ones.