Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilled Baby Card

Welcome to the world Kayla!

This card was actually quite difficult to make. I cut the letter out of a stiff sheet of card, then let that be the frame as I filled the inside. I used paper clips to add height so the frame was off the surface, letting the quilling paper have something to push up against.

When it came time to make the outer ring of burgundy, the insides were too fragile to hold the shape on it's own. It may have been different if I had chosen a font that had sharp cornered serifs. Usually when I frame something, my outer quilling paper is the thick version sold at Michaels, but this burgundy (my fave) is not sold in a heavy weight. In any case, it wasn't as smooth sailing as I imagined in my head.

Glueing the entire letter was a challenge too - done in 3 parts, because the middle connection area allowed too much movement. Not sure how to approach this differently...

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  1. What a Beauty. Lovely colours and I must say worth the effort you took.Lucky person whoever got this.
    Dr Sonia S V
    Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
    Bangalore, India