Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quilling Paper Storage

I’m kinda late for an Earth Day posting, but better late than never.

I had a stack of plastic sleeves for negatives (remember those days?) that I couldn’t bear to toss in the landfill, so they took up space on my shelf for years. Now they are a valuable quilling strip organizer!

I used to have a box of half used strips that was more mangled than Medusa on a bad hair day. After detaching another new strip from the pack, I’d turn around and find I had a half used one I could have used up. Now I keep similar colors/weights on a page and they don’t argue with one another.

The block of pink you see on the far right (below) is a sheet I cut with my die cutter. I leave the ends intact so I snip off as I go. I find this method much easier than the lock of hair that has a life of its own.

Enlarge the thumbnails for a larger image.

1) You will need a 3 hole punched sheet of cardstock, plastic negative sheet, scissors, and double-sided tape.

2) Tape along 3 sides of the plastic sheet, avoiding the holes, which are placed towards the bottom of the page. The holes will be flipped to the back. My plastic sheet divider happens to line up right at the edge of my sheet, where it will be folded to the back. Peel the wax on the left and adhere to the page. Allow the holes to extend past the bottom of your page.

3) Flip over. Remove the tape near the holes and adhere.

4) Now strips will not fall out. Remove the remaining wax.

5) Add just one more strip of tape as indicated.

6) Adhere and you’re done.

Another storage method I use for quilled items I decided not to glue on a final project is a fish tackle box. I got this for under $7 at Canadian Tire. I like the blue dividers which allow me to decide the compartment size.

 What's your favorite storage method for quilling?


  1. And I have organized my strips in plastic wrap in the registrar office! It crosses my mind when I began working a few months ago. Solid, but I still have a little mess. While looking color ... Straps "escape" on one side of the foil. :))) Maybe I thinks something more practical for hours while I cut the paper.

  2. A great idea, I just need to look and see where ican get the negative sleeves.... :)