Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crochet Penguin Puppet

I didn’t like the way my hand was swimming in the excess of Rudy Rooster puppet, so thought I’d try making a penguin with a tighter fit. I had added the paunch for the chicken on the inside, but found it distracting as it made the tummy more solidly white than the rest of the body. So this time I added the paunch of the penguin on the outside and stuffed only the white portion, then tacked it to the body. I guess this is what makes experiments to be called experiments. I now prefer Rudy Rooster’s method… oh well. I like the bigger toe I made for his happy feet though. Again, I wish I could have the patience to write the pattern, but it was so frustrating frogging it so many times, I just lost patience, but I’ll keep trying!

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