Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quilled Butterfly Keepsake Box / Card / Gift Tag

Found this keepsake box at Daiso for $2. It's covered with a diamond patterned paper. 

The embossing is subtle enough to accept quilling pieces easily.

Strathmore blank cards are my favorite type to glue finished quilled pieces on because I like the contrast of having a textured paper as my background. The deckled edge also gives it a handmade quality versus having the typical straight cut.

 The free background on this gift tag came from Shabby Princess, Spring Breeze theme. The font is called Fling. After hole punching the tag, I threaded the two ends of a tied bow through, which allows the bow to sit front and center and the ends are free to be tied any which way behind.

A huge thank you to Nancy Babb for helping me edit my latest butterfly quilling tutorial PDF. Having her insight made the "how to" instructions easier to follow. 

I thank everyone for their input and helping me improve. Your comments on this blog encourage me to keep doing what I love.


  1. Красиво! Так изящно!!!

  2. you'll have his magnificent creation and the butterflies are beautiful, I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  3. Thanks everyone - don't forget to comment on Ann's site to be entered to win this tutorial FREE!


  4. Hello.... its beautiful ...I never do the quilling but love to do some your blog is a source of inspiration.... your new follower too...
    Visit me if you can

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