Monday, August 20, 2012

My quilling tool

I’ve recently been asked what type of quilling tool I use, so here it is. I bought it 20 years ago during a student trip to a university book store in the US. I believe it was meant for bookbinding and don’t have a clue what the scooped end is for. I didn’t make books, but I thought it was a well made tool and since it was under $2, it fit my student budget. I had no idea I’d be using it like my right hand today.

I usually quill just a bit from the narrowed tip (highlighted in green) because otherwise the innermost coil is inconsistent due to the taper. I don't own any other needle quilling tool so I can't compare with anything else. Although it took some time to transition from a slotted tool, I much prefer the un-crimped innermost coil.

Hope this answers your questions. What's your favorite quilling tool?


  1. I love the handle of this needle tool. very comfortable to use I am sure. I use a home made needle tool for all my favourite projects.It is a needle stuck to a pen.

  2. Hi Suganthi, yes it's quite comfortable to handle, especially when I've been quilling for a long stretch of time. I've tried to use a long needle, but it bent easily. Is yours quite strong?

  3. FYI...your 20 year old tool is a ceramic tool. I have one myself from when I used to do bisque ceramics! Another thing to use...and one I have made a leather needle. It is not sharp (you don't want a tripoint) and it is very cannot bend it. I have some very pretty beads ...a cut crystal one from an old necklace of my mom's....and I put the eye end into the bead and glue it in place with Gorilla Glue (I get it at a hardware store). It works fantastic! A trip to the antique store...will get you a long hatpin which works well too but it is too long for my liking. Anyway...enjoy!

    1. Ah, thanks for solving 20 year mystery Cathy! Now I have another scavenger hunt to go on and discover the world of leather needles, hatpins, and Gorilla Glue. Thank you!

  4. CC LA BOW!!! Your blog is great! Your work is even more beautiful than I remember in person!! Wow go girl. Hope you are well.
    Hugs Jennifer