Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilled Heart Full O Flowers

I made this quite a while ago and forgot to post it. The heart-shaped frame was made first - it helps to corral all the flowers in there. So girly!

Update: I have instructions now!


  1. Какая красотища! идея просто супер! Такое ажурное сердечко получилось!!!

  2. what beautiful and so sweet clever piece of work!
    Greetings Baukje

  3. Amazing!!! Love it Love it LOVE IT!!!!

  4. will you be selling the heart full o flowers in your Etsy store?

    1. Hi Anonymous, are you asking if I'll make specific instructions or sell the finished piece?

      If you are looking for a tutorial, I won't be making one for this specifically. It is basically the same as the flowers currently being sold, but I just varied the size, which is easy to do. For the heart, I just folded a strip in half and curled the ends in. Then I placed the flowers inside until they nestled in place, then glued all together.

      I hadn't thought about selling the actual piece, because I usually quill mainly for those I love - and this one my hubby likes too much for me to sell.

      I hope you continue to enjoy quilling!