Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crocheted Toilet Paper Holder #2

Another new nephew needs to keep warm, have something to cuddle, and have his drool wiped.

My previous iron on applique was purchased at JoAnn's in the US. Since I couldn't make it down there to pick up another one, I made do with the selection at Michael's in Canada. Since I don't know much about sewing, I didn't realize this one is self-adhesive, which doesn't work well for sewing onto crocheted items. My "auntie" had to clean her needle every few stitches, and the adhesive would gum up the sides, the thread, and even show up on the surface of the applique.
The crocheted lion doll is from a Japanese scrubbie (tawashi) book.
  • ISBN-10: 4834764206
  • ISBN-13: 978-4834764208
As for the blanket, my hubby tried his best to console me with "no one can do everything well". I tried for months to learn how to knit, but the best description for my pieces was cheese cloth – used, with holes. I was frustrated to learn knitting has a pretty side (showing Vs) and the other is generally not shown. My edges were ragged, my tension was uneven per row, and my patience was at an end.
Then I discovered loom knitting and it answered all my needs - ALL of them! The loom yields beautiful, even Vs on both sides of a panel and even on the sides - impossible for real knitting. Tension is a non-issue, and the speed of results - wow, even doubly as fast when my other sis-in-law helped out too with her loom (we got the fever at the same time).
The baby yarn was doubled up for thickness and loom knitted into stripes. After joining, it's impossible to know it was all separate. An edging was crocheted all around to tie it all together. Another thing I learned was how much shrinkage happens after washing. It was originally a rectangular blanket, but now it's luckily very square - like it was done on purpose (shhh!)

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