Friday, March 19, 2010

Ava, 2 yrs old

Inspired by Yulia Brodskya’s “Bye”, this card is for our delightful niece who is turning 2. She also happens to be in love with Totoro at the moment.


  1. Hi I am Dr Sonia S V an ENT Surgeon from Bangalore, India.I have just started quilling. Could you tell me how you did the pink flowers. They are so lovely.
    Thanks in advance
    Dr Sonia S V

  2. hi sonia, thank you and welcome to the world of quilling :) i have made detailed instructions and photographs. you can find them here:

  3. How did you manage shaping teh quilling to form the number 2? Did you use a pencil coz I don't know how you'd remove the smudges.
    Or did you just arrange them by ear and sight?

  4. Hi Jezebelle, I arranged loosely by eye. I started with the large flower to form the curve first, then loosely laid out the rest, gluing when I felt it shaped the 2 properly.

    You can also lay on top of a printed 2 against a window with removable tape to visually trace as you go along.